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الأربعاء، 15 فبراير 2023

Skillshare Review 2023 - Is It Worth It? Take Courses Online

Skillshare Review




If you want to learn new skills and further your knowledge, Skillshare is a great place to do that. Giving you access to hundreds upon hundreds of online courses and educational videos

What is Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community that offers a database of thousands of educational videos. This learning platform is a subscription-run service, so you have to subscribe to view the videos

This can often make Skillshare more affordable as you do not have to pay for each video that you watch. Instead, it is all counted towards your monthly subscription fee

Instead of the videos focusing on being lectures, they are created to feel more like interactions. Creating a casual and comforting environment that is perfect for learning

Instead of just watching the video in order to learn. The viewers are expected to interact by completing projects along the way to learn better by doing. Skillshare accepts popular payment methods like credit cards and debit cards. There is a monthly and yearly billing cycle.

Whether you are interested in graphic design, business analytics, web development, fine art or creative writing, Skillshare has something for everybody

What is Skillshare Premium

Skillshare premium is an upgraded version of the skillshare.com website. It is a monthly subscription premium membership that provides additional and exclusive content (that is not available to regular skillshare users)

Other benefits include:

  • ads are removed
  • you can download courses that you can watch offline
  • software discounts

How Do You Use Skillshare?

Skillshare is very easy to use and only requires a few very basic steps before viewing the classes. You will first have the option of having a Skillshare trial or joining a Skillshare premium membership.

Once you have signed up for either one of these options, you will be able to access the website. This is where you can find thousands of video classes on all kinds of topics.

To join a class, you can simply click on the video and begin to watch, there is no additional signing up required.

If you wish to do the projects talked about in certain Skillshare classes, you have the option to do so in the Projects and Resources tab. This is where you can create a project based off of the class.

You can then publish it and make it public once you have completed it. You can also add it to your profile as an extra measure.

With Skillshare, there are no deadlines or a certain amount of classes or projects that you must do. You are free to start and stop classes as you wish to.

Because Skillshare is a subscription-based service, you can watch as many classes as you like without any extra charge. You will be charged the regular fee every month no matter how often you use Skillshare.

There is even a mobile app that you can download to your mobile device (Android and iOS).

Is Skillshare Good

Skillshare is a good platform to join if you are interested in learning about a variety of subjects and skills. It is loaded with useful content created by creators who are passionate about what they are teaching.

is skillshare good
Skillshare Review – Is Skillshare Good?

It can provide the perfect crash course if you love to learn new things but can’t dedicate too much time to it. Most classes are well under an hour, making it easy to watch them throughout your day.

The projects are also completely optional. So there is no pressure to complete projects if you join classes.

What I like about this platform is that you can learn from skillshare teachers who are actually famous like Seth Godin or Gary V.

Unlike other learning platforms, Skillshare is very easy to use and is displayed in an easy-to-understand format. Making it a simple process to find the types of classes that you are interested in.

Skillshare is a great learning platform for anyone who likes to learn about a lot of things quickly. You can easily watch and participate in classes on a daily or weekly basis.




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